Media Lab 8

Media Lab 8 Syllabus
Media Lab Learning Targets


Below is a collection of Media Lab 8 student work from the 2017-18 academic year.

Pop Art Self-Portraits:

Students were challenged with creating a digital self-portrait that is inspired by the style and characteristics of at least one Pop Art artist from their Pop Art Webquest studies. Students relied on their Graphic Organizer to integrate the qualities they wanted to portray in their artwork. Students used the iPad app Procreate to transform a digital self-portrait photograph into Pop Art. Students also applied their knowledge of line, texture, color, and framing and composition to their self-portrait creations.

Social Justice Memes:

Students were challenged with creating a 3-part series of digital memes (image macros) that clearly communicates and raises an awareness around a social justice issue that matters to them. They relied on their knowledge of Google Drawings and their knowledge of the history of memes, participatory culture, and intellectual property. Students applied their understanding of the principles and elements of graphic design in how they created their digital artifacts, with close attention to use of images, layout, color, and typography.