Media Lab 8

Media Lab 8 Syllabus

Public CanvasHere is a link to our Media Lab 8 public canvas course interface.  Parents will not be able to see assignments or the calendar, but projects and resources are viewable by all.  When canvas logins are rolled out to the parent community, parents will be able to see the assignments and calendar.  Look for this announcement in your inbox in the coming weeks.

snarkhunter-arrow-in-the-gold-300pxLearning Targets – Media Lab

VA-1. Demonstrate technical competence and skill with materials and media.
VA-2. Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work
VA-3. Organize and develop ideas and work
VA-4. Refine and complete artistic work
MA-1. Identify and solve problems using the design process to create original technological solutions.

VA-5. Interpret and share artistic work.
MA-2. Communicate and express ideas effectively and creatively for a variety of purposes using appropriate digital media.

VA-6. Understand and evaluate how art conveys meaning and relate artistic ideas with external context.
MA-3. Use digital tools to broaden perspectives and enhance learning by collaborating with others, locally and globally.

VA-7. Demonstrate appropriate lab practices.
MA-4. Recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of an interconnected digital world, and act in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.


VA=Visual Arts
MA=Media Arts