Media Lab 6

Media Lab 6 Syllabus- 2016-17

snarkhunter-arrow-in-the-gold-300pxLearning Targets – Media Lab 6

VA-1. Demonstrate technical competence and skill with materials and media.
VA-2. Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work
VA-3. Organize and develop ideas and work
VA-4. Refine and complete artistic work
MA-1. Identify and solve problems using the design process to create original technological solutions.

VA-5. Interpret and share artistic work.
MA-2. Communicate and express ideas effectively and creatively for a variety of purposes using appropriate digital media.

VA-6. Understand and evaluate how art conveys meaning and relate artistic ideas with external context.
MA-3. Use digital tools to broaden perspectives and enhance learning by collaborating with others, locally and globally.

VA-7. Demonstrate appropriate lab practices.
MA-4. Recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of an interconnected digital world, and act in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.


VA=Visual Arts
MA=Media Arts